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Dr. Ravindra H Chaudhari

Guru is not just a term of respect but much more than that. A person, who is an inspiration both personally and professionally for us at Heera Tours. Dr. Ravindra H Chaudhari is having many reasons for calling him our Guru, as he is that motivational force who inspires us to believe in "Work is Worship".

He is a very successful businessman, who has a long list of accomplishments. He is the C.E.O of Heera Business Group. If anyone ever is looking for any inspiration in entrepreneurship, he is the perfect example. He headed a small hotel in a small town of Nandurbar, and with time and hard work, it became a phenomenon which is Heera Business group. Today Dr. Ravindra H Chaudhari is employing hundreds of people, and he also believes that people do not work for him, but people work with him. His work ethic and his involvement is very inspiring, to see someone with that much of success to be that humble, modest and down to earth.

He is the bench mark for us to do our best in every capacity. "Heera Tours", the name of the company is a mark of respect from us to "Heera Bussiness Group". We learnt from Dr. Ravindra H Chaudhari to take care of the customer, while business takes care of itself. He is a man of honor, of hard work and of honesty. It is not just good words that can describe him, but our good work as well because we make sure that we always make him proud. We know that we will always be blessed and graced by his presence and his advice, because his words are from experience of a great man who always motivates people around him.

- Saurabh Chaurasia

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