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India and the Himalayas Travel Destinations

Travel in India and the Himalayas has a way of getting people to speak in superlatives. They gush that these destinations, including Ladakh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, and Tibet, are the most colorful, serene, mysterious, spiritual, and deliriously exhilarating places they’ve ever been. We’ll be the first to agree with them. Each of these countries is a gem—sparkling, complex, and dizzyingly multifaceted. Many of these

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countries are on travelers’ “must-see” list; the best and most rewarding way to see them is definitely with us.Heera Tours has unrivaled knowledge and experience with travel in India and the Himalayas, and this allows us make journeys less intimidating and more intimate. We know all of the region’s best-kept secrets, from the best saffron lassi in Delhi, the most rewarding trek in Bhutan, and Sri Lanka’s most deserted beach, and we look forward to sharing our knowledge with you.

India is a blindingly vivid and beautifully raw country. On our luxury India toursH2 you will experience a place where the air is laced with spices, where you’ll see different centuries pass each other on the street, and meet people who are married firmly to tradition and others who are eagerly embracing, and shaping, the future. Our exotic Indian travel destinations are deeply bewitching. The Taj Mahal is like the Grand Canyon—it doesn’t matter how many pictures of it you’ve seen. When you witness its impossible grandeur in person you will be still completely floored. The thriving city of Delhi is India’s ancient soul, full of intricate Loti and Mughal architecture, and Varanasi is the spiritual heart of what’s an incredibly spiritual country. This charismatic city is centered around the holy river Ganges, where people go to wash away their sins and cremate the bodies of their loved ones. Varanasi is one of the most unique Indian travel destinations, as well as one of its most iconic.

In the Northern part of the country, you’ll find one of the most revered and exotic Indian travel destinations: Ladakh, your gateway to the Himalayas. Ladakh is an extremely remote and secluded region, which is one of the reasons traveling its between its stark peaks is so rewarding. We think the trekking here rivals that of Nepal and Tibet, and find the devoutly Buddhist locals to be just as welcoming.

Nepal and Tibet are this region’s other two stars, and while they are understandably famous because they offer access to staggering Mount Everest, the rest of their vast and varied landscapes will make you feel just as small. Nepal is an outdoor lover’s paradise, with incredible treks, and plenty of other adventure activities, such as rafting. Its other big draws are, of course, the ancient temples and villages of Tansen, and lovely monasteries of Lumbini, an area whose serenity is contagious. From our experience, Tibet is often one of the Himalayan travel destinations people are most excited to see, and with good reason. This mountain kingdom, proud and resilient despite its fractious relationship with China, is still powerfully seductive and offers endless hikes and valley walks, monasteries where you can bow with monks, and rugged roads where you can chat with the yaks who stubbornly stroll in front of your vehicle.

Bhutan and Sri Lanka are both small nations that are overflowing with historic charm and important sites, and they are considerably less popular with travelers, which is a blessing. We’re surprised it’s taken people to become interested in these countries, which are as fascinating and rewarding as any in the region. Bhutan is considered “the happiest place in the world,” and we do find ourselves smiling all the time while we’re here. Perhaps this is because the deeply spiritual and traditional Bhutanese people are so welcoming, and the landscape is so enchanting—verdant valleys quickly give way to snowcapped peaks in this small country, which is filled with ornate monasteries, including the famous Taktshang Goemba, which is perched on the edge of a cliff. Bhutan is truly one of the most special Himalayan travel destinations.

Sri Lanka is a tropical paradise that people always end up raving about, and it’s still off of many travelers’ radars, which makes it even more appealing than it already is. It has dense jungle that’s home to elephants and leopards, gorgeously green tea plantations, fragrant and spicy seafood curries, crumbling ancient cities, and empty, sparkling white sand beaches.

Our Indian and Himalayan travel destinations are places that change people. You just can’t help but be moved by the teeming humanity, soul-soothing peacefulness, and natural beauty of this part of the world. If you’re looking to take a journey that will shift your perspective, this is the region for you.

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